Happy Bunnies

I came across this AMAZING video today and just had to share it here. (thanks Dooce!) The song is beautiful, the animation is amazing, and who doesn't just LOVE bunnies? (I'm raising my hand right now.) Also, if you can believe it, this is just a video made by a fan of the song, not a video put out by the musicians. Some dude spent a ton of time doing this for the love of the music, which is really inspiring. So, here's to a happy bunny tune:

P.S. And a happy, happy birthday to a fabulous mom. :)
P.P.S. If you're interested in more great, new music, check out this site: NPR's All Song's Considered 'Best Music of 2009 (So Far)'.

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Trey said...

a fan made that? it's pretty legit!