Mr. Harper Day

Today I came home from a long day at one job, followed by a one hour break, then a 4 hour shift at my second job to relax for a minute before bed, when my husband brings the mail to my attention.
"There is something you'll want to see," he said.
I think to myself, "I'm so tired, there is absolutely nothing I want to see - especially not from the mail."
I say, "Alright."
My husband hands me a postcard. I look at the front:

" Okay," I think. "Weird, but why is he showing me this?" Then I turn it over.

More information on the back. But wait! Who is this piece of mail addressed to?

The dog. He's getting mail now. And I always wondered what he did at home while we were gone during the day. I guess now we know. Or do we?


Breathing Deep

I've been missing Spain lately. Even though I hardly have time to think anymore, what with working two jobs, coordinating with my husband who has returned to law school, walking our dog and keeping up with my demanding social schedule.

But we had a wonderful guest from a little known European country come visit us this last weekend and it brought back the spirit of Barcelona for me. That's what I think I loved and what I miss. The experience and the friendships that we made in Spain. It was a peculiar time for all of us. Not exactly real life, but a sort of existence that was unlike any other time, where we played and talked and experienced with no thought of what lie before us. We only lived in the here and now and embraced the gift that it was.

Sometimes when I am nostalgic for it I picture a dimly lit courtyard at night in a cafe with friends after a long day at the lake. Sometimes a friend's temporary apartment with tapas and music. Sometimes just walking around the city with no particular destination.

The thought of it makes me breathe in deep and slow. It takes away the urgency and frantic rush of the world I live in. And somehow, in that moment everything is alright.