A Bad Blogger

The latest happenings in the world of this blogger:
- A "getting reacquainted with America" road trip to Utah and back to pick up Harper, our dog
- Moving into the apartment and finding stuff in boxes that we wish we'd forgotten to pack in the first place
- Starting full-time employment
- Getting a part-time "fun" job at the newspaper for the sports section (something which I know nothing about)
- Eric starting his part-time "fun" job making coffee and trying not to spill the milk
- Getting rained on in immense proportions, resulting in those we care about to send us messages that read, "We hope you didn't drown."
- Family coming and going = one non-stop party


Ready or Not

Well, I finally made it home. Life has been a crazy whirl of readjusting to life in America, picking up our big brown dog in Utah, finding a new apartment and moving in, although we can't quite move around in the apartment yet. Rebuilding everything from the ground up takes a little while.

During the midst of it all a major bridge in my city, Minneapolis, collapsed. A bridge I used to drive on everyday. Living in transition means that you aren't in touch with real world, so I found out about the calamity from the worried and sweet phone call from my Mom. I feel grateful that so many people cared enough to check on us. Thank you.

So now the fun part. Rebuilding and readjusting and regrouping. Sorting and organizing and working. I think I'm ready to get started.

P.S. Since I was remiss in recounting the wonderful experiences I had while overseas, I will attempt to share more photos and memories of my time in Europe on this blog over the next little while. It should be fun.