A Bad Blogger

The latest happenings in the world of this blogger:
- A "getting reacquainted with America" road trip to Utah and back to pick up Harper, our dog
- Moving into the apartment and finding stuff in boxes that we wish we'd forgotten to pack in the first place
- Starting full-time employment
- Getting a part-time "fun" job at the newspaper for the sports section (something which I know nothing about)
- Eric starting his part-time "fun" job making coffee and trying not to spill the milk
- Getting rained on in immense proportions, resulting in those we care about to send us messages that read, "We hope you didn't drown."
- Family coming and going = one non-stop party



You guys have definitely stayed very busy, whether you wanted to or not!
Party on:)

mamasteph said...

Life really is one big party, isn't it! Hope your new jobs are going well, and that you are getting settled! We love you!

napalmbrain said...

So Patty -

Am I to understand that you have two jobs, one full time and one part time? Yikes. I thought I was busy.

P the NB

The Bombic said...

Yes, I do have 2 jobbies. Life is sort of a blur at times, but I'm livin' the dream. Right?