My Fair Minnesota

Eric and I finally made it to the "Great Minnesota Get Together" this week. After three years in Minnesota, we figured it was about time.

We only had a few precious hours to spend at the Minnesota State Fair, but we figured we'd do it up right. We started with the "Miracle of Life" barn, where we saw a chick hatch out of its shell, day-old baby sheep, tiny piglets, a 5-day-old calf, and a very large cow attempting to give birth. (And for those like us who couldn't squeeze in to see it up close, there were video monitors all over the place giving an up close and personal view of the happenings.)

Feeling hungry after that display, as can be expected, we went in search of cheese curds. Now it has just come to my attention that not everyone is familiar with this drool-worthy food, so I'll offer a brief explanation. Cheese curd: a dense piece of glorious cheese battered and deep fried until it becomes crisp awesomeness on the outside and gooey wonderfulness on the inner. We were NOT disappointed. The curds were followed by a couple of pronto pups (battered and fried hot dogs) and a giant cone of freshly baked mini chocolate chip cookies, all washed down by some cold milk.

Bellies full and happy, we thought what better thing to do than to go on some fair rides? Me and seven other children happily rode my personal old-school favorite "The Swings", while Eric laughed looking on from solid ground. A few rides later I was happy I had resisted the 1-pound caramel-covered bacon on a stick stand we had passed earlier.

We ended the night with an intimate concert by one of our favorite artists, Brandi Carlile. It was a very small venue and I sang along at the top of my lungs, like my life depended on it. It was perfect.

Our long overdue fair experience was everything that we could have hoped. See you next year.


Memphis Memories

Last weekend Eric and I took a road trip with my dad and brother (and Mom on the way back) to Memphis, Tennessee, to meet our new nephew Lennon. We enjoyed the BBQ, the family, and the sights, but not the heat (103 degrees plus humidity = melting Minnesotans). Enjoy the pics.