The Blue Grotto

As part of our wonderful visit to Capri, an island off the coast of Itay, we made the obligatory trip to the Blue Grotto. To get there, we took an hour long boat tour of the island (best 12 euros I've spent so far) and hired a native Caprisian with a rowboat to take us into the grotto.
We laid on the floor because the entrance is only tall enough for a small boat to enter and when we sat up we were awestruck. The water was suddenly bright blue due to the refracted underwater sunlight and every noise echoed off the cave walls. Our guide broke into a gloriously Italian melody, quickly joined by the other guides, only too happy to please the jaw dropped tourists.

A once in a lifetime experience. A perfect day.

A photo essay:

Leaving the island

Lover's arch (halfway to the Blue Grotto)
Our guide, Vincenzo
The entrance
Eric and I in the grotto

And finally, the Blue Grotto


Euskadi and Back

We've returned home from the Basque Country (PaĆ­s Vasco) where we saw Bilbao, San Sebastian (Donostia) and all the gorgeous country in between there and Barcelona on our 6 hour roadtrip with four other exchange students.

It rained. It rained a lot. But it was amazing and filled with amazing art, good food, long wet walks and great friends. More details to follow.