Before and During

My life pretty much revolves around our new house these days. (I'm sure this is a big surprise to most of you.) My schedule usually goes like this:

1. wake up
2. stumble around the house looking for an outfit because I have no clue where anything is
3. go to work
4. do some boring work stuff
5. drive home and try to remember where we live (I ended up at our old apartment by accident last week)
6. eat some junky fast food because cooking would require me to spend valuable time not working on the house
7. work on the house
8. have Eric pry me away from whatever I'm working on (I get in the zone, okay?)
9. shower after first checking the bath tub for scary bugs
10. go to bed

Things are coming along, albeit slowly. Eric and I have taken to saying at least twice a night: "Everything always takes longer than you think it's going to." But slowly, the house is coming together and seeing the results of all our hard work is heartening. I'm no where near putting pictures of these results online, however, but here are a few befores and durings for you to feast on. (And a special thanks to Biggie and Mom for driving up a couple weeks ago to help out!)

Our living room - notice the lace curtains. This room has been painted and is pretty close to being complete.

The Dining Room - more lace curtains.

The kitchen - oh boy, what can I say? This will be replaced at some point, but for now, we've spiced up the cabinets a bit and bleached EVERYTHING.

The Bathroom - I'm not sure if you can tell from this photo, but there are swans on that glass. Yup. Swans.

Our Bedroom - This room was sanded by Biggie and then painted bright blue. We haven't managed to get to the green room or the purple room yet, but it's sort of nice to be able to refer to the rooms this way, so we might just leave them for a bit.

Mom glossing our kitchen cabinets.

Eric and Biggie working on the bedroom

Me painting the horrible kitchen cabinets.

Eric - he's a taping machine.

Can you spot Harper in this one? He's doing what he does best - looking mopey and lying around.


mamasteph said...

Unfortunately it wouldn't let me make the pictures bigger by clicking on them, so I couldn't see the swans! But it sounds like you guys are working hard and I know it is all going to pay off! Looking good guys! :) Love ya!

Hair Goddess said...

Isn't owning a home so fun :) I love that you ended up at your old place last week!!! haha and that you check the tub for bugs... I totally do that. Ah, sisters with neurotic tendencies ;) Cant' wait to see ya

Wonder Woman said...

I love the lace curtains! When we lived in Germany, that is all we could get. Cute house - including the swans ;)

Biggie T said...

I can't wait to see what progress you've made since we were up there. I'm sure it looks different with some furniture also. I can totally relate to getting in the zone - guess you know where you got that from.