Double Take

We had come back to our apartment (Eric and me, my mother, my sister and her three kids) after having had dinner and taking a trip to Underwater Adventures, an aquarium at the Mall of America, and the kids were going wild. As you know, we have a lovable 68-pound chocolate lab who adores company and little kids even more, so our small one-bedroom apartment was in chaos. Not having kids, we realized in about 3 seconds that it's not entirely childproof. Okay, it's not even remotely childproof. In the midst of all this chaos, my niece Madelaine points to a painting on our wall and says, "Diego!"

I was astounded. The painting she was pointing to was indeed a Diego Rivera painting. How could she have known? Were we in the midst of a child genius? We all sat dumbfounded for a minute before my sister busted up laughing.

Something Diego Rivera (1886-1957) could never have guessed was that this painting of Ignacio Sanchez resembles a certain lovable cartoon character - Diego of Dora and Diego, a show popular with the kiddies. A show popular with my niece.

Happy 2nd Birthday Madelaine.


mamasteph said...

Thanks for posting this! What would we do without her?! Love ya sis!

M {3 said...

Wasn't she funny. A prodigy almost;) She is also fearless as shown with her over love of Harper, him being 5 times her size!