A Concert

Do you ever have that fantasy where you get to see one of your favorite bands in a small, intimate venue with your best friend and the music played proves to be even better than the CD you've listened to over and over and over? Well, I finally got to live it last Saturday when Eric and I saw the Fleet Foxes at a small community center in our neighborhood.

Who are these Fleet Foxes, you might ask? Well, they describe themselves as playing "baroque harmonic pop jams" which I happen to think is pretty cool. And watching the lead singer, Robin Pecknold, felt like watching a legend in the making. At times he reminded me of one of my all time favorite artists, Jeff Buckley, which is definitely a good thing. Besides being deathly hot in the small, cramped auditorium, it was just about perfect. And for those of you who are still wondering what a baroque harmonic pop jam sounds like, check out the video below.


M {3 said...

It sounds like you had a great music adventure. The video was awesome. Actually it made me think of Bubba, he would have loved it! By the way the new autumn background on the Welchkin Wire is beautiful...did you take that photo? Thanks for doing it:)

mamasteph said...

So fun! I love going to concerts and it has been way too long since we have made it to one! Hope you are having a great week!