Rarely is the question asked, is our children learning?

I was talking to Eric the other day about how infuriating it is to me to hear Sarah Palin speak, and that it would be fascinating to try and diagram a sentence of hers, because I believe that many of them do not in fact meet the definition of sentence (See 4a).

Curiously enough, Eric stumbled upon a woman who attempted to do just that, much to my delight. For those who grammar junkies, as I am, click here for the whole article. But if you aren't, no need to worry, because you don't need to be a english major to appreciate the wonderousness of this example posted below. Enjoy!

P.S. I'll be watching the debate tonight and let's hope she's taken a crash course in sentence construction. I'll keep you posted.

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M {3 said...

You betcha it all sounds better if you give a wink;) I feel bad she went from hockey mom/PTA member to pit bully/just plain old mean. I would have liked her as a president the PTA way.