Feeling Shiny

I've spent some time thinking about what happened on Tuesday night. The intense feelings of hope and wonder and pride have been with me all week and quickly erupt to the surface anytime I recall the inspiring Obama victory. If I am completely honest about it, I bawled like a baby when the newscaster announced, "Barack Obama will be the next president of the United States." The words still give me chills.

In 2004 I put more of my time and energy talking to people I didn't know about a change I felt we so desperately needed in this country. And I was heartbroken by the outcome. The drive home from volunteering in Denver with my husband and my mother-in-law was eight hours and it was dead silent.

This time around I didn't really do much in the way of talking to strangers, even though I would have loved to. I am proud that at least my husband got the chance to. But what I did do was talk to EVERY person I came in contact with about my feelings, my views. I had some really amazing discussions. I feel I grew closer to some members of my family - not because they felt like me, but because we were able to have such great conversations about it.

And so my hope is that this shiny feeling I have won't fade with the coming weeks, or even years. My hope is that we'll be able to take this magnificent opportunity we've been given and once again become the nation that our forefathers envisioned. A bastion of hope and an example of justice. And we have a leader who can lead us there, reminding us what is possible if we do what we know is right and then fight for it. Yes. We. Can.


M {3 said...

It truly is so amazing to part of this turning point in history. I was so excited to see new change in our nation at a time when the bottom seems to be falling out. We need hope and peace and a steady hand. I am even going to save my buttons, newspaper headline etc. to show my grandchildren. It really extols the American Dream.

Trey said...

Nice pic! really cool. I hope he does a good job even though it might take more then 4 years.. not saying I'm going to vote for him in 4 years because it depends who he's running against.

mamasteph said...

Very cool pic! I love that you are so happy about the outcome! Hopefully we are in for some good changes!