Saw Into the Wild. Amazing. Inspiring. Tragic.

After 6 months, I finally got around to replacing my shower head, which felt like someone was shooting me with lasers. (It’s up for grabs if anyone is in need of that sort of combat training.)

Watched my husband rescue an inebriated gentleman from the floor of a parking lot in sub-zero temps last night, only to find him minutes later on the street corner being carted off by an ambulance after falling and busting his nose.

Lived without a microwave – although, in full disclosure, I did use the one at my place of employment to heat up my stock piled Lean Cuisines. Miraculously, I am surviving.

Took a practice GMAT test. My mind felt like mush afterwards and I think I walked around blinking a lot for about an hour.

Went to a lovely Indian restaurant with my husband. A crazy-looking gentleman approached my car in the parking lot and starting tapping on the window and getting more and more upset, yelling at me to roll down my window, to which I just shook my head. Turns out, he was the parking lot attendant.

Took Harper out for a romp in the snow when the temp got up to 40 degrees (for one day)!! He was his true puppy self again, acting like a prisoner just released from cold jail.

P.S. Happy Birthday Biggie T. I hope it's a great one.


mamasteph said...

Sounds like you've had an adventuresome month! I'm sure you probably could have lived without some of it though! :) Hopefully next month will be just as fulfilling!

Biggie T said...

I don't blame you for being cautious, especially after the drunk incident. I can't imagine life without a microwave - it is one of the modern-day necessities.

Thanks for the birthday wishes - 29 again!

Hair Goddess said...

Wow - I would not have rolled my window down for someone tapping on it... give them the finger that usually works! love you sis