Cold and Blue

You know it's going to be a good day when you read this headline in the morning paper:

Arctic blast to send the temperatures tumbling
Cold snap could last for 10 days, the Weather Service said

In other news, a Happy 50th Birthday to our beloved sky blue friends, "The Smurfs," originally Les Schtroumpfs in French. The announcement of this milestone brought back not just found memories of a happy communal fairyland thriving despite the presence of a singular Smurfette and baby, but also of a surprisingly controversial conversation that I had while living in Barcelona with some of my wonderful Belgian friends. A question of national ownership arose while discussing the blue guys and I, as an American watcher of the Hanna-Barbera cartoon series, felt pride in such a well made American cartoon, while the Belgians gasped and demanded that I recognize the cartoon's creator Peyo, a native son of Belgium.

We finally agreed to compromise, or rather I finally made an attempt at a diplomatic statement to settle the issue. Something to the effect of, "While we do credit the Smurf's very existence to the artistic genius of Peyo, we also acknowledge that it would never have been shared by millions of children around the world if not for the efforts of Hanna-Barbera." The Belgians then replied that maybe a future in diplomacy was in store for me someday. Some wars have been started over less.

For a cheesy News Clip that is equally as diplomatic, click here.


mamasteph said...

Love it! I actually sat down a while back with the girls and watched an episode of the Smurfs. Good times. I'm sorry it is so cold--I definately do not envy you! I guess you guys will just have to take a little trip down our way to soak up some rays! :) Love ya sis!

SKye said...

Dang, that was funny (the cheesy news clip), Smurfette really DOES look good for being 50! Anniche was trying to get the Smurfs at our local library, but they don't have any DVDs, she was asking me who made them, and I answered Hanna-Barbera (Shame on me for not knowing Peyo), if I had seen your post a day earlier I would have just pointed her to your blog instead of Google. Thanks for posting this.