Cold and Colder

How you know it’s cold outside:

- You go to the gas station and half the pumps aren’t working, and the credit card readers on the other half don’t work, forcing you to pay inside.
- Your dog (with his thick fur coat) merely sits down when you let him out and/or has to be carried back inside.
- Your nostrils freeze together when you breathe in through your nose.
- You start wearing running pants under your skirts/dresses and passing them off as really thick tights.
- You find yourself calculating how long you could possibly survive without having to step foot outside your home. (I figure, if the job/money thing wasn’t a factor = 2 months)
- You get up an extra 5-10 minutes earlier, so that you have time to let your car warm up a little before you make the frantic dash from back door to front seat.
- If you’re living in Minnesota in January.
For a news article outlining Minnesota's ad campaign, trying to change the image of it being just a frozen tundra, click here. (I actually heard news stories asking us Minnesotans to quit complaining about how cold it is. Ooops.)


mamasteph said...

Okay Patty-you've got to stop perpetuating the flannel shirt image of MN. I mean seriously! That article had me laughing almost as much as your blog! You've probably heard my theory on why Minnesotan's talk the way they do--it's because it's so dang cold outside, your mouth can only move so much, therefore ensuring the accent we've all come to love! And don't worry, the pants under the skirt thing is totally in fashion right now! :) Try and stay warm, and I'll try not to complain about how "cold" I think it's been here in TN lately! Love you sis!


also you know it is winter in Minnesota when you fill up with gas and all the cars around you are RUNNING and the driver sits inside while the tank fills! Good times in the good old MN winters;)

Biggie T said...

Even after 6 winters we still aren't used to this bone-freezing cold. At least we get a break this weekend (highs nearly to freezing) before we head back to negative temps again. We must be masochists (or just stupid)!