Play Ball!

I came across a photo today on the internet which made me happy.
Here it is:

It's a photo of Ayla, a service monkey for the disabled, throwing out the first pitch prior to a baseball game between the Boston Red Sox and Detroit Tigers at Fenway Park in Boston, last Wednesday evening. I coincidentally was also at a Major League Baseball game that night (Twins vs. Indians - Twins won 7-2), so imagine my disappointment that there were no monkeys throwing baseballs at my game.

I've been fascinated by service monkeys ever since I saw David Sedaris speak about them at one of his readings last year in Salt Lake. As he so aptly put it, "It makes you want to throw yourself in front of a bus just to get one.” Check it out.

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Eric S. Day Esq. said...

I thought I was your service monkey! ;)