Life Lessons Learned

In my life I've had a number of jobs: babysitter, party planner, pizza maker, hostess, survey taker, collections agent, orientation facilitator, muffin maker, community service manager, janitor, news reporter, dog sitter, data entry clerk.

In each one I've tried to learn something and bring that new life lesson to my next job. A life evolving process that I hope will someday culminate in perfection. Or at least retirement.

I've worked in enough offices to know that you should stay out of office politics for as long as you possibly can. Sometimes that means a few months, in the case of my new job, that means a week. It's my second week on the job and already I have established alliances, mutual understandings and an arch nemesis. All that on top of doing my real job.

I've learned enough to know that some people are going to form opinions of you that you don't like and aren't true, but you have to figure out how to deal with them and move on. Practice has made that easier, but not easy.

This afternoon I was called hard-headed (for lack of a more appropriate term) by a colleague because I ask a lot of questions. I guess I never lost that part of me that must ask "Why?"

So, I've finally learned that it doesn't matter how many jobs you had, how many places you've lived or how many people you know. Sometimes, in order to survive, you still need to wear a hard hat.

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Anonymous said...

Hey there Patty...was checkin out your myspace and there was a link to your blog...thought it would be interesting. I definitely liked your 9/11 thing, but this particular blog made me laugh my a$$ off! Office politics after two weeks. Sucky, but glad to know you've figured out things for how you fit into the "madhouse." I like the "established alliances" and "arch nemesis." Good stuff, but sadly true...anywho, talk to you later my peachie patty!