Baby Wolf

I created a website for all the latest and greatest news on Baby Wolf. Check it out here.

And as of yesterday, there are only two months left until he's due!!! Everything is still going smoothly, although my feet are getting harder and harder to access and washing dishes at the sink is turning into a challenge (go go gadget arms!). 

Lots to do still on getting Baby Wolf's room ready and gathering supplies, but we couldn't be more excited to meet this little guy. He's a pretty active little thing and if his latest movements are any indication, he has a great future as either a member of Riverdance, a ninja or a soccer player. Eric says his wild in utero activity means he'll be taking after me - look out world!

Anyone care to guess his actual arrival date?

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mamasteph said...

I'm gonna guess July 10th! I think he'll be nice enough to vacate before your b-day! :)