A New Chapter

I always knew that 28 was going to be a big year for me - and so it is. Eric and I are expecting the birth of our first child on July 8th. As long as he (yes he) isn't late, I will still be 28 years old. If I'm 29 when he arrives, I think I'll be okay too.

Things have been going well so far and I don't take for granted that it's been fairly easy for me. No morning sickness at all and there are times when I actually forget that I'm pregnant. But then the little guy gives me a judo chop and I remember with a smile. 

This has been one of the most amazing experiences of my life so far and every day I am in awe at the creation of this little life. There is much to do and lots to prepare for, but Eric and I couldn't be happier to continue on this journey.


mamasteph said...

You look so great sister! We are so excited for your family to grow!!! We can't wait to meet the little guy! We are so glad you are feeling good as well! Love you tons!

Hair Goddess said...

I love this picture of you!!! Love you sister and I am so happy for you, eric and harper guy!!