Twins On The Brain

Eric and I went to the second-ever Twin's game at the new Target Field a couple of weeks ago. And even though it rained almost the entire game and even though the Twins lost in a heart breaker, we had so so so much fun. I finally get what everyone was saying about part of the magic of baseball has to do with being outside.
The view of downtown was incredible, the food lived up to the hype and I don't remember the last time I saw that many people so happy to be at a losing sporting event. We've officially caught the Twin's fever and these days even Harper is sporting a Twin's bandanna around his neck. Go Twins!

And on a related note, here's my latest contribution to Finance & Commerce:

Finance & Commerce
Association update: Stadium game not over yet
by Patty Day, Minneapolis Builders Exchange, Guest Commentary

Patty Day

As Twins open beautiful new stadium, Vikings, Saints still vying for new home

With the long-anticipated opening of Target Field and the start of baseball season, Twins fever is in the air. Water coolers are abuzz with baseball chatter and residents are flocking to the new stadium with a new sense of pride for the beautiful (and earth-friendly) sports venue. Other local sports teams are attempting to cash in on these feelings of good will by pitching their own visions of new sports arenas in Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Read the whole article HERE.

And if you're still hungry for more about the Twins, you should definitely watch this:

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mamasteph said...

Fun! I don't like watching baseball on TV, but you are right, being there is a whole nother story--you just get wrapped up in the fun of it all!! Looks like you guys had a blast!!! And I always love to read what you right--you have such an amazing talent!!!