Don't Be Trashy

In honor of Earth Day this year, Eric and I joined in a local clean-up effort. We were handed big plastic yellow bags and cloth gloves and sent to a local lake front to see what we could find. At first we thought the area hardly seemed in need of a clean up, but little by little we began to fill up our bags. An old newspaper, discarded chip and candy wrappers, soda cans, and water bottles tossed to the side of the trail.

As we ventured further off the path we began to find more carelessly thrown garbage and the bags got heavier and heavier. An old hat, some styrofoam containers, metal scraps, plastic bags, even some 'unmentionables'. As I lugged around that garbage bag I began to spot smaller pieces of trash that I hadn't noticed before. Bottle caps, plastic hair clips, straws and napkins. Our bags were filling up fast.

Although our bags were full, we had a hard time heading back to the community center. Seeing how much better the area looked after only a couple of hours made us want to stay out there all day. But we knew there were other volunteers and we had to get back.

So on this Earth Day, I want to challenge you all to take a look around. If you see a piece of garbage, pick it up. If we all pitch in, think of what a difference we can make.



M {3 said...

Dad and I just got back from helping with the branch's roadside cleanup. It feels really good to fill those bags and make a difference. No "unmentionables" however. LOL

mamasteph said...

I think it's awesome that you participated. I honestly didn't think to look into anything like that....but let's be honest.....with three little kids who would probably be putting those items in their mouths, it was probably for the best! :) But we did trade in some plastic water bottles for reusable ones! We are really trying to go green!

Hair Goddess said...

I like that you joined a clean up effort...I should do that. I say I am green but I know there is so many more things I can do!!!

TheKillerJ said...

Good for you! You actually went out there and got dirty. I vicariously did my part by forcing kids at the group home to pick up trash at the pond near our facility. Maybe I need to quit being a sissy and dig in next year.

Biggie T said...

It is amazing the stuff that is thrown along the roads. Na unofficial litter observations was #1 - beer cans/bottles, #2 cigarette packages, #3 Mountain Dew, Coke & Pepsi cans/bottles, #4 fast food cups/bags. Are these bad habits linked to being less concerned about the environment?