We were eating breakfast in Bilbao one morning with friends while on a trip last Spring to the Pais Vasco in northern Spain when I saw something that took me by surprise. A procession of blue hooded figures in white robes carrying large stalks of wheat started pouring out of the nearby church and into the city. I was speechless.

So I grabbed my camera and ran out of the cafe, leaving Eric and the rest of our friends wondering what had gotten into me. I hurried into the square and turned my camera on. By the time I had noticed and processed the scene and gotten outside, they were nearly gone. But I did manage to get one good shot of the Semana Santa observers before they disappeared across the bridge and down another street. I later posted this photo on my Flickr account.

The reason I mention this is because not too long ago a woman contacted me from Schmap Guides to ask for permission to use it in their interactive map of Bilbao (giving me credit of course). Flattered, I obliged and thought nothing more of it. Well, today I got another email letting me know that Schmap Guides were just released to iPhone to iPod touch. And my photo will be included.

So if any of you happen to be going to Bilbao, Spain, and also happen to be using the Schmap Guides, you will get to see my photo. For everyone else, you can see what it looks like here. For a larger version, just click on the photo and it will take you to the source.


mamasteph said...

Sweet! Nice pic sis! You are famous!

M<3 said...

I am so impressed. Way to go!!!
Let's start traveling the world taking pictures. That would be a dream job!

Biggie T said...

That is a really good photo. Now if we could make a living doing it I'm there.

Hair Goddess said...

Very cool sister !!