Scaping By

As many of you already know, I purchased a share in a farm this summer which I'm splitting between me, my husband and my dad). Each Thursday for 18 weeks we get a box of freshly picked produce from our little farm, 45 minutes away on the St. Croix. You get whatever they've got, so sometimes it's slim pickings and sometimes it's a feast. It's all part of the fun.

Another part of the fun is trying to identify the produce you've been given. And then after google has explained what a garlic scape is, you get to figure out how to prepare it and eat it up quick because, after all, you've got another box coming on Thursday. This experiment has been perfect for me because I: 1) hate throwing away food; 2) love fresh produce; 3) have always wanted to eat local & organic cheaply; and 4) love to cook.

So we've had quite a smattering of culinary delights in our household over these past few weeks, and I keep meaning to share, but all that cooking takes up a lot of time! So I am going to try to post a few of the things that I've tried recently that we never would have, if not for this farm share project. And my good intentions to do this earlier mean that I've taken a few photos along the way.
And for those of you wondering about the scapes, I ended up using them in salads, scrambled eggs and even in a pasta sauce I made last night. And yes, they were delicious. Salud!

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M<3 said...

I hope you will cook up some cool new stuff when I am around:)