Fun, Run, Sun

It's been a busy few weeks. Too much to tell, so here's the poor man's blog:

Eric and I went to the Malpractice Ball, as a final farewell to law school. Eric has less than a month left before he graduates!! Here we are, all gussied up:

I came out in support of all my law school friends for the 'Race for Justice.' It was an unusually sunny and beautiful day in Minneapolis, and the runners were incredible. The cheering was too:

Here's Eric finishing the last stretch:

In addition, there have been a few concerts, a lot of working, some lovely walks with Harper and a new committment to physical fitness. Life is good, albeit busy, and I'm looking forward to Spring (finally!!!). I hope this finds you all enjoying some sunshine somewhere.


Trey said...

Looks like a blast up there. Someone here got an award for something.... Ha I made that up but the small town life is pretty boring. We're getting a Jimmy Johns though so that is pretty tizight!

mamasteph said...

You guys look great! Looks like you are keeping busy and having lots of fun! Way to go on committing to physical fitness! Love you sis!

Hair Goddess said...

You two look great! Hope you had fun at the ball... Miss you SO much sister


I love the picture of the 2 of you! I am impressed at your new physical fitness commitment:) And haven't we had our day of Spring haha