A Last Hurrah

After working for the last six months at The Star Tribune as a part-time news aide in the evenings, I finally got the chance to write an article for the sports department on Saturday. Being that I know hardly anything about sports writing, they managed to find something I could write and actually care about. Adapted Field Hockey.

The kids that play this sport are split into 2 leagues, one for kids with physical impairments and another for kids with cognitive impairments. I got to watch and cover both and was moved by the energy and tenacity of these players. It was so pure and so inspiring.

So I spent the day watching these kids cheer each other on and then sped back home to churn out an article (my first in 3 years) in under an hour to get it in by deadline. I waited and waited for them to call me requesting more information, clarification or just to ask me what the hell I was talking about. But they didn't. And it appeared, almost untouched, in today's Sunday paper.

It was such a rewarding and invigorating experience and helped me remember my love for writing. So thanks sports guys for giving me a shot. I'll miss you.

To read the article, click here.


mamasteph said...

What a great opportunity for you! Your article was fantastic! Way to go sis!

Biggie T said...

Way to go Patch! You always were a great journalist and just need a break. Maybe sports is your thing - this was a very well written article focusing more on the human side than the final score. I hope you get more opportunities.


I always love to read your writing. I think it is awesome they gave you a sports subject you could feel passion about. The journalistic (is that a word?) needs you!