Spanish Lessons

My husband brought home a newspaper today, Que!, that he picked up on the Metro. It contained a lovely article with some practical advice entitled "Te damos la receta para vivir 100 años." Roughly translated this means, "Here's the recipe on how to live 100 years." The secret's out.

This was just part of a greater 2 page spread (on pages 2 and 3) about how depression and anxiety will be the plague of this century. The basic gist is that optimists live 10 years longer and have better health than pessimists. But don't worry if you aren't yet an optimist. The paper has committed to helping us all overcome pessimism and negativity and will continue to do so with a weekly advice column on "how to be optimistic." And I will do my best to pass it on.

"Te damos la receta para vivir 100 años"
(First in Spanish, then the English translation with a little help from my husband.)

1. Limpia tus miedos y desecha prejuicios.

Cleanse yourself of fear and discard your prejudices.

2. Deja a un lado celos y rencores que te atormentan.
Leave jealousy and resentment to the side.

3. Mantén vivo el niño que hay dentro de ti.
Keep your inner child alive.

4. Ten paciencia con todo lo que te rodea.
Have patience with everything.

5. Ten energía y coraje para afrontar la vida.
Face life with energy and courage.

6. Añade una poco de generosidad a tu vida.
Add a little generosity to your life.

7. Ten una pizca de locura.
Have a pinch of craziness.

8. Es necesario que le pongas alegría a la vida.
It's necessary that you put happiness in life.

9. Amigos y trabajo pueden hacerte optimista.
Friends and work can make you optimistic.

10. Acompaña tu vida con la música.
Accompany your life with music.


Clayton said...

These tips are great, it would be great if we could all live our lives like this. But hope all is well and hopefully I will talk to you guys soon.

mamasteph said...

Love this article. I give a big AMEN to everything it said! Love you!