A New Do?

I think I might cut my hair.

I had this thought after my third cold shower in a row. In the first shower the hot water lasted until I had just applied the conditioner before it went cold. Ice water started spraying all over me. No medium temperature water. It went right from wonderfully hot to my being a member of the polar bear club. I psyched myself up and rinsed out the conditioner, although I am sure I didn't quite rinse it all out.

The second shower was stopped before it even got started. I turned on the water, a little skeptical at the facet's abillity to produce water warm enough to avoid hypothermia. I was right at doubting, and turned off the spout without even stepping foot in the tub.

The third shower was my breaking point. I came up with a game plan. Get in, throw shampoo on my hair, condition it, slather on some soap and get out of there in less than 5 minutes. No dilly dallying. So I jumped in, the water hot and wonderful, and lathered on the shampoo as fast as I could manage. Fourty-five seconds had passed. And then, I knew. By the 2 minute mark it was like the kind of water you'd kill for on a hot day in summer. I turned off the shower, my hair still full of shampoo.

That's when I decided to cut my hair.

Turns out the lack of hot water was due to the lack of butane fuel. My hot and cold showers were due to the last sputtering gasps of a dying butane tank. So my husband, the super hero that he is, switched the tanks and earlier today I took a hot shower. And I lingered there under the warm rain of a perfect shower longer than I probably should have. But I couldn't help it.

I still think I might cut my hair though.

Any thoughts?


Clayton said...

your a classic, how short are you thinking of cutting your hair?

Hair Goddess said...

I would just make sure you know ALL the right words before you go get it cut. . . or else you may end up with who know's what also known as a European Mullet!! I love and miss you guys SO much!!!

napalmbrain said...

I think you'd look good- just don't pull a Britney Spears.

browneyedgirl said...

You DID promise that when you came back from Spain, you would have short hair... You look hot no matter what... AND, if you shaved your head - you could pull it off way better than Britney :)

Maryam said...

I like your hair short...i will make you some hot dangly earrings to go with it...It will be perfect for the summer too...cut it! go crazy!