A Great Escape

Music is one of those things that help me escape to my own personal nirvana, no matter the circumstance, setting or situation. I've been finding some lovely escape in some wicked tunes lately and thought I'd pass them along for your enjoyment.

The Wood Brothers, Chocolate on My Tounge
Brenden Benson, Cold Hands Warm Heart

Damien Marley, Welcome to Jamrock
Jose Gonzalez, Veneer
Emiliana Torrini, Fisherman's Daughters

The Last Kiss Soundtrack
Gray's Anatomy Soundtrack

1 comment:

mamasteph said...

Sister you sure are funny! I love your blog! I read back several months because I hadn't stayed up to date and I couldn't help but smile! I hope you are having a wonderful day and I will be sure to stay tuned for more of your insights! Love ya! Steph