A Cause for Celebration

In honor of my husband's birthday I would like to reminisce a bit over some of the memories of the last year spent in our new home, Minnesota:

* Loading up everything we own (and then some) and making the 1,200 mile trek to the Midwest with a car and a diesel truck, and a chocolate lab in the back seat.
* Carlos the gangster moving our piano into our apartment in 14 minutes flat after trying unsuccessfully for several hours and trying to give the piano away
* Adding new words to our vocabulary, such as "Countermajoritarianism" (thanks law school) and "Oof-da" (thanks Swedes)
* Spitting in the Mississippi
* Surviving the foot of snow dumped on us in one day in March
* Swedish Waffle Day at the American Swedish Institute
* Joining in the immigrant rallies taking place across the street
* Hanging out with my best friend and perfect husband

Happy Birthday Babe - Party hard. You deserve it.

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Eric S. Day Esq. said...

I am so lucky to have such a wonderful wife. Hear's to this year being better than the last!

P.S. I learned a great new word in law school today - "Usufruct" - as in: "Water rights are usurfructory." Maybe that'll make next year's list :). That would be sweet!