Yogurt, it does a body good

I'm often approached in our neighborhood by men who wish to comment on my appearance. Yesterday, I was told by a Hispanic gentleman that I had a "pretty body." A couple of weeks ago a mailman drove by and stuck his head out of the car window to yell, "I wish I could deliver your mail!"

Even though I've grown somewhat accustomed to the attention given to me from these men, it still surprises me when it happens. Confusion (who me?) is followed by disbelief which then turns into mild embarrassment which causes me to make a gesture of bowing my head and shuffling into a dark corner to hide.

It happened again today. I was at the grocery store (the scene of most of my weird encounters) perusing the dairy aisle when a man approached me. He was a middle aged man who was pushing his nearly empty cart while talking to his friend, another middle aged man. He stopped and turned toward me while pushing his sunglasses a little further down on his nose.

"No wonder you look so good," he said surveying my cart. "All you eat is yogurt."

"Thanks, I like yogurt," was my feeble reply as I turned to keep walking down the aisle.

"I ain't tryin' to get fresh with ya," he continued. "I mean, I don't mean no disrespect or nothin', but tell your husband he should be thankin' his lucky stars he gets to be with you."

"Oh, I'll tell him," I said and hurried to get away so I could find a dark corner. Only, I still had some more shopping to do. I had just a few more items to pick up, but it seemed at the end of every aisle, there he was. I don't think he was following me, however, and after our akward encounter we just pretended like we hadn't had one.

Somehow I managed to get out of the store without any further bizarre comments being thrown my way. I have to admit though, as I put the yogurt away in my fridge once I got home, the whole thing gave me a chuckle.

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