Catching Up

The last month has flown by and since I have been M.I.A. on my blog, I thought a bit of catch up was in order. Let's bust out the bullet points, shall we?

Our new race car

  • Bought a car! After nearly 5 years of being a single car family we finally broke down and bought a second car. A car that I'm still learning how to drive because it's a manual. We fell in love with the 2005 Saturn Ion and after it was explained to me that once I got comfortable with the manual system it would be like driving a race car, how could I resist?
  • Eric is a real life attorney! One Saturday in April, Eric and I were driving down to Marshall for my baby brother's prom when he got a phone call. Thirty minutes stopped at a SuperAmerica later, he had a job offer! He now gets all gussied up everyday to fight crime at a small firm in the twin cities. And by fighting crime I mean mostly representing clients in bankruptcies and divorces. If you live in Minnesota and you're in need of competent and good looking representation, email me. I'm just sayin'.
  • Baby Brother Graduated! We got to spend a long weekend with my family for my brother's graduation a couple of weeks ago. And when we all get together for a celebration, it gets a bit wild. It was so nice to see everyone and I swear my cheeks hurt by the time I got home.
  • Feng Shui'd my office! Okay, I really don't have a clue as to how to feng shui, but as part of my new happiness project I decided to spruce up my office space a bit since I spend 8 hours a day there. A bonsai plant and a new fountain have really made a big difference (although when my coworkers pop in to visit, they keep telling me it makes them have to pee). It's still a work in progress, but I think surrounding myself with things that are calming and motivating are important - now I don't feel as if I'm just sitting in a box. What do you do to make your workspace feel more inviting? (FYI - I was inspired by this article.)
Eric and I at my brother's graduation


mamasteph said...

I'm glad you are back in the blogging world! :) We had tons of fun seeing ya'll over Trey's graduation! We wish it could have been for longer! Love your new car and we are super proud of Eric! Sounds like you guys are doing fabulous!

M {3 said...

I have always wanted to try feng shui! lead a zen life;) Sounds great and hey you can just offer lots of drinks all day to the people you want to avoid. haha I am so happy about you new car and job. You deserve great things!

Hair Goddess said...

You are super busy sister!!! Love the new car! I loved getting to hang out with your fabulous face! Eric is real profesh now! Love you sister face
PS That is a TERRIFIC picture of you and the real life lawyer!

Trey said...

finally you blogged again! i kept checking and just noticed today you had updated it