How to Shave a Dog

There was way too much hair circulating around my house. I would sweep once a week. Then once every few days. Then every other day. Then everyday. When that proved inadequate I knew it was time. Time to shave the dog. So you can enjoy the progression as well, I documented the annual event with photos.

Isn't he the most adorable sheered sheep you ever saw?

I hope your Memorial Day was enjoyable as mine. Besides sheering Harper, Eric and I went to our favorite divy deli for some 'doner kabob' style gyros and then enjoyed a walk in the park (despite the blistery weather). It made me think back on last year and helped remind me that our European lifestyle is still possible - we just have to remember to experience it.



I hope we get some warmer weather soon so he doesn't freeze! Ah, Doner kabobs, that brings back fun memories for us too:)

mamasteph said...

Harper looks like he was so good the entire time! The kabobs sound yummy! And what a nice reminder for you-life is all about experience!

Hair Goddess said...

haha this is awesome! I am sending the pood's the next time they need a haircut