I Lub You

You'll have to excuse my blogging hiatus - I've been sick. I thought maybe for once I'd make it through the whole winter (all 6 months) without catching the yuckiness floating around the office, but I was wrong. So, I've put myself in a Tylenol PM induced-coma for a few days, wiped everything down with Lysol wipes, and sneezed on my coworkers (a girl gets to have revenge, doesn't she?).

So back to real life. Except that I'm still sniffling and coughing and no one wants to get within 20 feet of me. That's where I'd be standing too. But being an adult means going back to work even when you don't want to, and washing your own sheets because you know it's for the best.

But lucky for me, being an adult also means having a husband. And that means having someone to bring you the Tylenol PM, and hold you (even though it might mean he gets sick too), and bring you chicken noodle soup from that place you like. It sure makes me feel loved to know that when I'm at my ickiest, I've got someone who sticks by me anyway, and who knows what I mean when I talk in sick-nasally person speak.

So, to my sweet husband I just want to say, "I lub you."



I am so sorry you have felt so sick this week. I hope it doesn't last much longer. I have thought about you and I am so glad Eric is there to take care of you. It has been a emotionally draining week, with Clayton leaving and the insurance trama, but during it all I am really grateful for all my family. Plus in all this insurance mess I have decided...Go HILLARY! and your health plan.

mamasteph said...

I hope you are finally starting to feel better! What a sweet husband you have! Love ya sis!

Hair Goddess said...

Glad your feeling better! lubs u sis