Nothing but Net

Tonight I got to spend some quality time with my rad parents. My husband was able to go out to eat with us, but then sadly we had to part ways as it is that wonderful and magical time of year once again: Law School Finals.

After dinner, we found ourselves at a Timberwolves game at the Target Center in some excellent seats howling at the Spur's players during free throws, yelling at the refs and showing up on the jumbotron. My dad, the one person who would actually have loved to strut his stuff on the jumbotron, missed it as he was off buying us ice cream.

In addition to the cool shots of the basketball swishing throw the net and my mom and I hiding behind the people in front of us, the jumbotron also played various movie clips during the night to rally the troops. One such clip was that of Christopher Walken truly strutting his stuff in the Fatboy Slim Video from a few years ago. It brought me such happiness to remember Walken leaping through a hotel lobby that I thought I'd share it with you. For old times sake. Here it is:


mamasteph said...

Love this video! Christopher Walken is one of my faves! You can't help but smile whenever he breaks into dance!

Bubba said...

Agreed! Sounds like a great time though.. I'm jealous!


Thanks so much Patty for finding this! I love it. The funny part is I could so see your Dad doing some of that (in fact I have, like the cart thing) but perhaps without quite that sense of rhythm;). It was so fun, howling like wolves was so stress releasing.
I must say the Vikings game was a great one to see as well, and a LOT louder.
Thanks again<3

browneyedgirl said...

I'll bet Dad was super bummed he didn't get to do his all-too-famous two thumbs up for all the fans to watch ;)