A Little Place I Call Home

When my husband and I first moved to the cities, as it's called in Minnesota, it was a lonely time for me. Living in a city filled with 3 million people, but knowing no one. I took my comfort zone and threw it out of the car window going 90 miles per hour. The people were different, the food was different, the weather was...well, the weather was pretty frightening.
Now that we've returned from our six month adventure, as my mother calls it, I find the city comforting and friendly. People speak to me as if they're old friends. I know all the great hole-in-the-wall restaurants. I keep a wide assortment of coats and tank tops in the closet to be ready at a moment's notice.
We've been lucky to have a slew of people visit over the last month or two and we've been thrilled to show them "our city." Our apartment has been messy, boxes still piled up in the corner, and our lives a frenetic race from one thing to the next. But I want to thank all those who visited us and extend an invitation to those who haven't yet been able to. When you get to share the place you've come to call home with the people that you truly care about, life is good.


Hair Goddess said...

Love you sister and can't wait to see you! and for you to meet your nephew :)


I really love a great "adventure", but I also love the comfort of spending time with those I love. Glad you're back<3

Clifford said...

And a big thanks for sharing "your city." That is so much more rewarding to see than the city, with no disrespect towards the city.

mamasteph said...

Amen sister!