Quaint Cordoba

Here's my attempt to redeem myself for the lack of blogging along the trail...

Cordoba was the second stop on our most recent voyage, this one with a focus on Andalusia (southern Spain). It was small, it wasn't run over with tourists, it was charming. We stayed at a great family-run hostel managed by an older gentleman who called himself Fernando El Guapo (translation: Fernando the Handsome) and performed a series of parlor tricks for Eric's younger brother (who is 23 years old).

We fell in love with this little town that is home to La Mezquita, which we saw in the early morning hours before the tour buses arrived. We ate fresh churros, enjoyed a beautiful sunset on the river overlooking the giant mosque/cathedral and strolled along the narrow whitewashed alleyways peeking in doors and gardens.

We'll definitely be back.

P.S. For a larger view of our trip there, just click on the photos below.

Coming Tomorrow: Madrid



Beautiful pictures, I am living vicariously through them! Go adventurers:)

napalmbrain said...

For the first time whilst I've been following your epic journey, I can raise my hand and excitedly say, "Hey, I've been there!" and soothe the waves of intense jealousy.

Okay, I guess I've been to Rome and Paris, too, but I don't know them like I know my dear Granada.

mamasteph said...

Beautiful! Wish we could see all this in person!