Confession and Clarification

To all those who offered input and feedback on my recent (some would call dramatic, others bold) hair cut, I want to say thank you. For those who want to know about my Spanish hairdresser - it's Eric. I know, I know, who would let their spouse cut 10 inches off of their hair? But, he did a wonderful job and just reaffirmed my belief that he is the most patient man alive. For the record - the marriage is still intact and everyone made it through just fine.

In other news, still a little obsessed about the naked man wandering the streets, I shared the anecdote with some of the other exchange students studying abroad here and it turns out that Eric and I were not the only ones who have seen him out and about in all his finest. He has been spotted by several other students in various random places in the Barcelona. Always casual. Always nude.

And, it also turns out that Europeans from the northern part of the continent share my shock and horror. At least those in Belgium, Denmark and Austria. So, I would like to modify my blanket statement in the aforementioned post regarding Europeans and their attitudes towards disrobed displays. The further south you go, the less the people are bound by social appropriateness. The further north you go, the higher the necklines.

So, all is well, but I'm still on guard for the Bare Barcelonian.


Hair Goddess said...

I am also still very interested in the tattooed and pierced nude man. . . but is that a surprise !?! :) love and miss ya!

mamasteph said...

Eric? Really? I'm impressed! And I have to say if I lived in Europe, it would have to be in the north!

browneyedgirl said...

Wow! You have a talented husband! And you are very trusting! :) Haha I think Adam is offended I would never let me near my head with a pair of scissors!