A Good Shaking

Sometimes we all need a little jolt to get us thinking about what's really important. And sometimes that jolt is just really, really annoying.

Last week I fell victim to my second rear-ended collision in a month. Both accidents were shockingly minor (I'm sending a thank you note to my Subaru dealer) and both occurred on days where no one in their right mind would spend any time outside of their automobile, house, cafe, etc. So cold, in fact, that pens ceased to work, hands ceased to feel and cops were not called, because we all just preferred to get somewhere that didn't make us feel like we were on our way home from receiving an overdose of botox. And both, most importantly, were not my fault. And I'm not just saying that because my Allstate guy reads my blog either.

It's only human when something like this happens to you - make that two things like this happen to you - to question, "Why me?" Does my car have a giant bulls eye on the back of it that I don't know about? Did someone stick a "kick me" sign on my back when I was distracted? Is this just karma getting sweet revenge? But, thoughts like that can only drive you crazy. And trust me, crazy and accident prone are not a good combination.

So, instead, I think I'll try and see the positive. I wasn't hurt. My car still drives. This time, the guy actually had car insurance. And finally, I'm grateful that when it was all over I had someone to call whose first question was, "Are you okay?" Because that truly is something to be grateful for.

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