A Reason To Celebrate

After much anticipation, many phone calls and some thinly veiled threats made to disown my family if they didn't call me the moment it happened, my beautiful niece Madelaine Grace was born last week. And she couldn't have picked a cooler day for it either - Dia de los Muertos (translation: Day of the Dead).

Sure, it might be a morbid sounding holiday, but I happen to think it is a great one to be born on. It isn't the kind of holiday that will overshadow a birthday and everyone is in a celebratory mood, because instead of mourning the loss of their loved ones, they're throwing them the kind of party that they think their loved ones would have enjoyed. What better way to honor a person's memory than by eating their favorite foods, dancing to their favorite music and reminiscing about all the good times you've had together. I attended my local Dia de los Muertos celebration last night which consisted of some excellent tamales, a mariachi band playing festive tunes and checking out all of the interesting items people had placed on a remembrance alter. A good time was had by all.

So little Lainey - welcome to the family and get ready for some pretty excellent birthday celebrations. I hope you like tamales.


napalmbrain said...

Congratulations. What a cutie. And THE best holiday to be born on. Tell Eric to never shave.

mamasteph said...

Well put! I think it sounds like a great holiday! And talk about being one of the two cutest girls I know!