This is for all you medicine moguls out there

This is what I would really like to know: Why do they make cold medicine packages so incredibly hard to open? And why is it that the medicine you need to take when you can’t think to save your life always comes in the hardest of the hard packages to open? Why, oh why, can’t they just put the stupid things in a bottle with a screw-on cap? I’m beginning to think that this is someone’s idea of a sick joke and all I can say is, I hope you’re amused.

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SKye said...

oh.... Wait until you have children... Because, try as you might, put them in the highest shelf, lock them with a padalock, and as insane as it sounds, your children will find a way to get to them--KyeLee(almost 4), has started moving chairs around to get at the things that mom and dad put out of her reach--Medicines being one of them. And I say thank you to the pharmaceutical companies that made these medicines so difficult that a full grown adult can barely open them, because I think it has saved countless children's lives, my own child being one of them.... And as much as you say, it won't happen to you/your children... You never know for sure.. But if it does, you will change your opinion of how the company locks up these medicines in a little bit of Fort Knox. I don't mean to change your opinion, just to change your paradigm.